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  1. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    This place is an excellent venue. The food is great and the svecire is superb.Joey has an outstanding personality where it gives a warm and cozy feeling.I loved the Chicken kebob.And i definitely would go back!

  2. Viasheila
    Viasheila says:

    Great column, Brandon! Also, happy bdiahrty! Good job on continuing your inexorable slide into the abyss, big guy!I’m glad Punk is on the swing back towards being someone I like. Sure, he did some of his TripleH-too-cool-for-you shit but he was also pretty good later on, too.I’m also glad you pointed out the whole mark and smark thing. What’s wrong with just watching rasslin’ because you’re a fan of it? Sure, I can predict what’s going to happen a lot of the time but as a longtime wrestling fan who has just recently started looking at online commentary I feel like I’m the only person who actually watches wrestling because I like it instead of because I hate it.I don’t want to jinx anything but so far this year we’ve had a lot of character development. Laurinaitis is coming along as an excellent character. Daniel Bryan is coming out as an obnoxious passive-aggressive white knight wife beater (I swear I went to college with like 4 guys with this exact same personality). Even Cena has hopes of developing as a character. Wouldn’t it be great if his feud with Kane really taught him to hate and Wrestlemania was just him savaging The Rock in the most uncomfortable 70s-Italian-horror-movie way?Also, I want to point out that Ziggler was amazing on the mic last night. He’s the first guy in a while to go toe to toe with Punk on a mic and not look worse off because of it.Finally, why was D Bry on the face team last night? It’d be great if he was a Face on Raw and a Heel on Smackdown. Or something.<3


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